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The continent of Julan is a large isolated Land mass located in the northern hemisphere. The northern tip of Julan extends nearly to the arctic line, while the southern end reaches almost to the equator. It is unknown whether other continents exist, as no expeditions have ever returned from sailing to find them. In some parts of Julan, it is still debated whether the world is flat, or spherical.

Geographically, the continent is divided almost in two by the large mountain range that extends more than two thirds of the continent, north to south. These mountains are occasionally volcanically active and the entire continent is subject to the occasional quakes, with the worst being closest to the mountains.

The plains and forests to the west of the great mountain range are lush and fertile, allowing a wide variety of flora and fauna to flourish. The eastern half of the continent is dense, cold forests to the north, a large desert in the central part, and the fertile grasslands of Cerilia to the south.

The prevailing westerly winds are nearly constant all year, especially on the southern plains. This causes most of the rain to fall on the west side of the mountains, leaving the east in the rain shadow. The only regular changes come in the winter, when the arctic winds sometimes howl down from the north, bringing sudden and often deadly blizzards, and in the summer, when the brief monsoons bring needed moisture up from the south to both sides of the continental divide.





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